Rv Lemon Laws

RV Lemon Laws for the iPhone is a free consumer research application, putting all 50 US state RV Lemon Laws in the palm of your hand. This app contains the definition of what is a lemon recreational motor vehicle in every state. Quick and easy, in a second you can see if your RV’s defects fit the law and whether you are entitled to a replacement RV or your money back. FEATURES: Find your state’s RV Lemon Law - an explanation of all 50 state definitions of what a lemon Rv is under each state’s RV Lemon Law Continuous Updates on Factory Recalls for all RV’s and trailers - every make and model that exists Contact info for experienced RV Lemon Law attorneys in all 50 states and Puerto Rico A simple and easy-to-use database for your RV’s repair history - with a simple “Submit” button to get your case reviewed by an RV Lemon Law attorney This app is all about one thing ... making it easy for you to know if you’ve got a lemon RV and to find help to get rid of it and get your money back or your RV replaced by the factory.

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